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We Prioritize Dental Emergencies in Purcellville, Virginia

Have a dental emergency? Whether you are experiencing an excruciating toothache, a tooth has popped out, or you believe you have an abscess, the team at South Fork Dentistry is here to help. We prioritize dental emergencies in Purcellville, Virginia. Get relief — call South Fork Dentistry today!

Not sure if you are experiencing a dental emergency? Read on, or call South Fork Dentistry to schedule an appointment. We value your oral health and prioritize dental emergencies. 

Dental Emergencies in Purcellville - South Fork Dentistry

You may have a dental emergency if you are experiencing:

Toothaches. By far the most-overlooked dental emergency, a toothache may indicate the inner pulp, root canal, or the area around the tooth root has become infected. Even if the pain dissipates, you should still have it examined, as this could indicate the nerves of the tooth have died and your dental disease is entering a new phase.

Cracked, broken, or chipped tooth. A cracked tooth can leave the tooth open to infection, while a broken or chipped tooth can sometimes be bonded back in place. If you have a broken or chipped tooth, be sure to wrap the tooth fragment in a moist paper towel and bring it to our office.

Loose tooth. A loose or "wiggly" tooth resulting from dental trauma is not always a dental emergency, unless you are concerned the tooth may become detach completely. Most trauma-related looseness resolves itself in several days. Looseness caused by periodontal disease is also cause for concern and should be checked by a dentist. 

Bitten lip or tongue. Oral soft tissue injuries tend to heal quickly. If the bleeding does not stop with a compress, visit your dentist or an urgent care facility.

Knocked out tooth - Dental Emergencies in Purcellville

Knocked out tooth?

If an adult tooth has become knocked out, you should see a dentist immediately. A tooth can survive up to 60 minutes outside its socket. Transport the tooth under your tongue. If the tooth poses a choking risk, you may also bring it to the dentist in a paper towel moistened with spit, or in a glass of milk. Do not clean the tooth (even if it falls on the floor). Do not touch the roots of the tooth. If you can reinsert the tooth back in its socket without forcing it, you should still follow up with a dentist. 

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Not sure if your dental condition is considered an emergency? Call South Fork Dentistry. Remember: When in doubt, have your dentist check it out!